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Our History

Trinity Family Fellowship has been on the corner of 13th and Tieton for a long time! However, it took quite a while to become the church we love today. What began as a vision to help local youth in 1942 is now a worldwide ministry that God has used to blessed thousands of people. 

Independent Bible Mission.jpg

Independent Bible Mission

Before becoming Trinity Family Fellowship, the building you see on the corner wasn't even a church. In 1942 the Kopp family bought the building with one simple goal in mind: to spread the Gospel to the children in the surrounding neighborhood. During the beginning of their ministry, this place became known as the Independent Bible Mission. Through God's grace and the Kopp family's hard work, the number of people they were serving grew. So much so that  in the 50's the building officially became a church known as the Missionary Bible Church!

Yakima Regular Baptist

The Missionary Bible Church continued their ministry through the 50's, but come the 60's their attendance began to dwindle so they turned the building over to a group of Baptists. This group changed the named of the church to Yakima Regular Baptist. While the church never grew very large, they remained faithful and diligent in serving the community and the Lord was faithful in providing the means to keep working. 

Yakima Regular Baptist Church.jpg
Old Trinity.jpg

Come the 70's, the Missionary Bible Church began to experience some growth. Under new leadership the church saw attendance rise past a hundred people, but more importantly many people were giving their lives to Christ! It was in the middle of this growth, 1976 to be exact, that the church changed it's name to Trinity Baptist Church. 

Trinity Baptist

Trinity Family Fellowship

Over the past few decades with Pastor Dennis at the helm, Trinity Family Fellowship received it's final minor touches in becoming the church we know today. Through the faithfulness of our congregation, the leadership of our pastor and deacons, and God's provision Trinity has been able to touch the lives of thousands of people. Not only have we had the opportunity to spread the gospel to the people of Yakima, we've also sent multiple groups of people and missionaries to several different countries. 

Now that we're all caught up on Trinity's past, you can click the button below to learn more about present day Trinity!

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